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Merge Gardens! An introduction.



  • Monster Poppies

    Could you please post How-Tos on some of the more desirable items, such as getting more stars?

  • Nika

    Absolutely!  We're working on a wiki to cover those needs.   Meanwhile, please do check out our Facebook page and group: 

    The page:

    The group:

  • Jamie Tolsma

    I've been playing this game a while now. I have some suggestions. I would make more room for stuff. The game gets quite cluttered and you screw things up and accidently press stuff u don't want to. It would be nice if you could give hints as to how you fix the bridges and stuff...I think people would be more interested if they knew what was coming. I would give more things to wake birds up, especially in beginning of playing game. I love the game though, good job

  • Wendy1071

    I wanted to let you know how many hours of entertainment this game has given me. I am 50 years old, and addicted to this game like a teenager. The other night I started playing. Next thing I know it was 3am! It felt like an hour. Some things that could be improved are gems, there are not enough ways to get them. Some things are over 100 gems and I have no idea how to get that many gems other then to buy them. More garden room. And the birds should not be gathering until they are given the command to. Some don't collect on their own some do. Overall, on a scale of 1-5 I would give this game a 10!

  • Steve Zaman

    Hi, my 7yr old loves this game and wants to know if he can earn gems for reporting bugs he finds :) - for example -


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